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  • Still Life Paintings

    "I feel privileged to own such a beautiful work of art.  It brings grace to my home, as well as feelings of warmth and peace."

    S.K., Michigan
  • Still Life Paintings

    "Museum quality, perfect work.  Beautiful, sophisticated, and poised."

    L.K., New York
  • Still Life Paintings

    "The variety of his paintings over the years has made multiple purchases greatly satisfying.  Each work is unique and awe-inspiring because his ability is transcendent."

    G.T., Massachusetts
  • 101055

    I’ve known Jeff and collected his work for several years now. I always look forward with great anticipation when he shows his new work at local galleries and at art shows around the Boston area.  The realism he achieves is astonishing. He brings a remarkable precision and clarity to his Still Lifes, and his compositions are always thoughtful and interesting. I always stop, look, and marvel at the paintings of his that I have hanging on my walls. I am both proud and honored to have him as part of my collection.

    L.A., Massachusetts
  • 101226

    "We have several of Jeff's paintings. While they are usually paintings of very everyday things, what he does with them is extraordinary. Reflections and light through glass are masterfully shown, and are particular examples of the 'inherent' light we see in all the things he paints, and that we love seeing in our house."

    B.C., Massachusetts