1. Chris Howard
    October 22, 2005 @ 12:34 am

    Amazing work, Jeff, both painting and podcast. Tell us a bit about the process and the tools you used to create it.


  2. Jeff Hayes
    October 23, 2005 @ 3:48 pm

    It’s a lot of fun. The camera is set about 6 feet from the easel at about a 30degree angle (you can see the distortion of the canvas). I take breaks about every 15 minutes when I’m painting so I have to remember to stop and restart the camera (I’ve been really worried when doing these that I’d forget to restart the camera after a break, and then the whole project would be ruined).

    For editing I’m using the trial version of EditStudio, which I’m loving so far, and will probably buy. The best feature has been it’s ability to very quickly move the cursor through the timeline and have the preview window keep up. I was using MovieMaker before, but I felt it was little lacking in that regard… move the cursor… wait 2 seconds for the preview window to render.. move the cursor… and so on.

    About 50% of the film has to be cut out because nothing’s happening on the canvas — I’m mixing paint, cleaning brushes, or thinking about what to do next. Important stuff, but it makes for bad cinematography. I’m left with close to an hour’s worth of footage where the brush is on or near the canvas. Still way too long, so I speed the whole thing up 250%. 20+ minutes is still probably too long for a film like this… it would be nice to get it closer to about 10 minutes. I’m probably going to start experimenting with cutting sections out and doing fades between what’s left. EditStudio accomodates all this pretty nicely.


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