1. Chris Howard
    November 27, 2005 @ 6:03 pm

    Beautiful. I love the contrast, and the way the light hits the stems.


  2. Jeff Hayes
    November 28, 2005 @ 5:31 am

    Thanks Chris, this was painted using the new shadow box.


  3. Chris Howard
    November 28, 2005 @ 11:42 pm

    I thought so. What’s the flooring material? It’s a little reflective. Are you going to write a post on the box’s construction?


  4. Jeff Hayes
    November 30, 2005 @ 6:36 am

    Hmm, yes, I think I will write a post on the box, as a matter of fact 🙂


  5. Charley Parker
    November 30, 2005 @ 7:52 pm

    Wonderful. I liked the directness, painterly approach and tactile quality of the tomato study; this has all of those qualities plus the great light to dark contrast. Looking forward to your post on the box.


  6. Jeff Hayes
    December 1, 2005 @ 1:56 pm

    Thank you Charley – I hope to get to the post describing the shadow box this weekend.


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