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  1. Don
    November 4, 2010 @ 7:59 pm


    Good article/blog about a limited palette vs. an extended palette. You say "an extended palette (say, 30 colors or more), you have the opportunity to approach real-life colors with some fidelity".

    I find that using just the primaries and mixing grays of various value, saturation, hue and temperature from the primaries results in a better understanding of painting. Students learn faster with a limited palette although it takes more thought. I don't buy grays. I make them from the primaries. The learning curve increases for students dramatically using this process. A limited palette forces one to analyze the scene in great detail judging the variety of the properties. Of course, there are very valid shortcuts using an extended palette but I think for people who want to learn how to paint, a limited palette is is best.

    Don Finkeldei


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