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  1. Chris Howard
    October 5, 2005 @ 12:55 am

    Great blog, Jeff. I think I work the same way with novel length work. The book’s done at a certain point, and I move on. I’ve only completed two so far, so maybe this won’t hold. I hope it doesn’t hold, in fact. An editor telling me to cut this or change that would be a good problem to have. Of course, with writing I have the luxury of restoring to a previous version, Ctrl-Z-ing back to the original, etc. You work with something that will always be unique. With short stories, I’ve settled into a cycle of complete the story, submit to pub, reject, edit, submit to pub, edit, submit to pub, repeating until someone accepts it. I haven’t gone through more than three cycles with anything I’ve written in the last year.


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