52 Paintings in 2018 A year-long project to make one larger painting every week

“Summit No. 1”, the most recent painting in this series


The Background

I finished up 2017 with a successful 90 day challenge to do one new painting from life every day. This turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself as a painter, and before I was even half-way done with that challenge, I was thinking about ways to take the spirit of that project and extend it further.

I decided to go even bigger and more ambitious with the idea and challenge myself to do one larger painting each and every week for this entire year.

These will mostly range from 8×10 inches up to 16×20 inches, though I will push myself harder for a few of them and go up to about 24×30 inches, which is the maximum I think I can do in a week and still be proud of the result. I’ll present the finished paintings every Sunday around noon.

This page will have in-progress updates – both written and video – from my blog where I show the process of creating each painting, as well as the final results. Please bookmark this page to follow along daily, and sign up for my newsletter in the upper right-hand corner of this page to get a new painting in your inbox each week.

The Gallery All the paintings in this series