90 From Life: Day 23 – Raining

Jeffrey Hayes: Landscape Paintings: Oil Paintings: Raining


I hit a mental brick wall today, and found myself procrastinating for about 2 hours in front of my easel without actually painting. That procrastination was a sign to do something different, so I went ahead today with something I’ve been planning for a while – to introduce some landscape sketches into this project.

Although you haven’t seen any landscapes from me in a long while, I actually started off as a painter doing landscape in plein air (working outside, directly from the scene). So, I’m pretty familiar with this part of the craft, and it feels great to be visiting it again.

This was painted in Lawrence Massachusetts, which is a great old 19th century factory and mill town. It went through a rough patch in the last decades of the 20th century, and is showing signs of revival, but there are still large tracts of urban wasteland and crumbling factories which I find oddly appealing as a subject.

For this study, I didn’t want to work with much detail at all, and just focused on large shapes, accurate values, and more than anything else capturing the atmosphere of this rainy day.

In these short videos I talk about painting the landscape, show the scene I worked with, and then show the final sketch back in my studio: