Nectarine And Creamer An Original Still Life Painting

Newly Completed

Newly completed, yet drawing inspiration from the masterpieces of the Dutch Golden Age.   

“Nectarine and Creamer” is an original still life painting done in oils.


It features a fresh Nectarine peach and an antique porcelain creamer with gold trim.  The arrangement rests on a plank of aged wood.


The deep black background allows the painted objects to dramatically emerge from shadow.


Measuring 5 x 5 inches, it is set in a flat panel black frame with a beveled edge.  The outer dimensions of the frame are 11 x 11 inches.


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My name is Jeffrey Hayes, and I create Still Life paintings inspired by traditional Dutch masterpieces.

I take great pride in offering collectors paintings that are filled with warmth, light, and simple beauty.


Using time-tested techniques and the finest materials, these paintings are often the fruit of weeks – even months – of concentration and effort.

The result is an absolutely unique, original work of art, finished to the highest level of craftsmanship, beauty and elegance. 


When I complete a painting, I show it to my subscribers first.  They get to see it about a week before I show it elsewhere.

My emails also weave an ongoing narrative about art – appreciating it, making it, learning more about it. I only share these thoughts with my subscribers. 

“Museum quality, perfect work.  Beautiful, sophisticated, and poised.”

– L.K., a collector from New York, USA

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