1. Marshall K. Harris
    October 26, 2019 @ 12:36 pm

    Hey Jeffery- Marshall Harris here. I have been following your work for some time and find your process and the explanations wonderful and simple to understand. I work in graphite on Mylar and will soon be experimenting with that stuff called paint and that concept of color. Scares the shit out of me actually but looking at your work and following your process and sense of giving the viewer an unexplained but very apparent visual road map is inspiring. A couple of questions if you don’t mind. I’m in the process of migrating web site platforms and like the simplicity of yours. Can you share with me the platform or service you use and how do you distribute your content? Do you show through galleries or are your online marketing energies sustaining your practice? Have you ever listed with online representational sites (Sacchii art or similar) or do you have any experience with that? I’m considering that as well. I’m not a salesperson for any of the aforementioned so don’t worry that that is what my questions are about if that crossed your mind. I’m just a practicing artist with some decent work that needs to sell more art.

    Keep up the amazing work. I am envious. Cheers!

    Oh, and P.S. I lived in Marblehead for 15 years before I moved back to Texas. I miss New England and the beautiful seasonal changes. Colors that are hard to describe to anyone who has not experienced them.


    • Jeffrey Hayes
      October 30, 2019 @ 3:53 am

      Hi Marshall – thanks for your kind words. You have good timing – I just finished the first in a series of articles about building an online art business that touch on some of the points you asked about. It’s here if you’d like to have a look: https://www.jeffhayes.com/business-of-art/internet-marketing-for-artists-the-website/

      Hope you find it helpful, and I should have the next article out within a few weeks.

      My best wishes,
      PS Great work – those saddles are amazing!


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