Glass, Lemon, Blue Silk, Red Napkin

"Glass, Lemon, Blue Silk, Red Napkin" Oil on linen, 8x6 inches, 2021 (Available)
“Glass, Lemon, Blue Silk, Red Napkin”
Oil on linen, 8×6 inches, 2021 (Available)
“Glass, Lemon, Blue Silk, Red Napkin” is a view into a moment of calm contemplation, and the unexpected delights we often find there.
A fresh lemon, vivid red napkin, and shimmering blue silk serve as backdrop to the simple glass creamer, which gathers them all in a burst of brilliant reflections, distortions, and highlights.
For your enjoyment, this is “Glass, Lemon, Blue Silk, Red Napkin”, oil on linen, 8×6 inches, 2021.
This painting is available.

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