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Autumn 2023 Studio Sale


Welcome to my 2023 Autumn studio sale – for your enjoyment, I’ve assembled a group of paintings ranging from large works to miniatures, as well as 10 paintings that are available as prints on paper or canvas, framed and unframed.

The paintings are arranged into galleries for large paintings, 5×5 paintings, miniatures, and prints – you can also view all of the paintings on one page.

As thanks for following my work throughout the year, I’m offering you a 20% discount on all items in the show – use the coupon code Fall2023 at checkout (click here for details about using the coupon code).

So, if there is a painting you’ve had your eye on, or you need a special holiday gift for a loved one – or even affordable prints to fill some empty wall space, the opportunity is here.

This show and the 20% discount will only be available until November 26. 

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the show!


I finish between 1 and 4 paintings every month, and show them to my subscribers first.  

To learn more, click the blue button directly below.