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See New Paintings First

Every month I complete between 1 and 4 paintings, mostly similar to this one:

"Vase and Blue Ribbon", oil on panel, 5x5 inches
“Vase and Blue Ribbon”, oil on panel, 5×5 inches

I show them to my subscribers a week before I show them anywhere else. During that week, subscribers have the opportunity to purchase these paintings at a substantially lower price.

Along with the new paintings, my emails also include a few thoughts about painting in general and my own work in particular. 

To read an example of one of these emails, click here.

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When you sign up, you’ll also receive a short series of 3 emails introducing myself, showing you what I think are my best paintings, and finally telling a little about how the paintings are made.

I respect your privacy, and your data is never shared.  There is a link to my privacy policy at the bottom of this page.

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