An Amazing Gift Collecting Art With Technicolor Passion


I didn’t recognize return address on the box when it arrived – in fact it was just a UPS store in California.

Earlier in the week, I’d gone on an eBay shopping spree, so I assumed it was part of that – maybe the dietary supplements or the 2-part epoxy, though the box was a strange shape for those things.

It wound up on the pile of other boxes that arrived that day, and sat there overnight.

When I finally did get around to opening it, my reaction went from perplexed, to surprised, to utterly astonished.

A collector of my paintings had sent me a book.

But not just any book.

It was one that she had written.


I was aware that Laurie had something of a collection of art, though I did not know much about it – at one point she modestly described it as “several paintings of pears”.

She had sent me a picture of one of my paintings (a pear) on her wall, indeed surrounded by about a dozen other pears.

But the book revealed the true extent – it is essentially a catalog of her art collection, and it runs to almost 300 pages.


Herself an accomplished mosaic artist, Laurie Ferreira began collecting the work of others 30 years ago, and has continued on down to the present.

It now fills nearly every square inch of wall space in her home – a lovely cottage built by her grandfather in the 1920s.

The focus of the collection is to reflect her personality and view of art. In her own words: “I am drawn to art that evokes a unique energy, a different sensibility, a technicolor passion”.

Following a several page written introduction, the catalog displays large images of each artwork, organized by the room in which they are displayed.


Some while back, I wrote about how much I admired the ideas of the Arts and Crafts Movement, particularly as expressed in a quote by William Morris – “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

This book seems to be the perfect embodiment of that philosopy.

I love the idea of a life surround by art – in fact one in which the art is intimately woven into the life.

I am beyond proud to be a part of this collection.


Although it is not available for purchase anywhere online, Laurie does have copies available directly from her.

Copies are $50 each, and 100% of the profits will go to a school she supports in Kenya.

I will receive nothing from this transaction aside from immense personal satisfaction.

If you are interested in a copy, contact me and I will put you in touch with her.