"Copper and Garlic"

This week’s featured painting is “Copper and Garlic” from 2009.  It is done with oil on  panel, and measures 4 x 4 inches.

Much of what I do behind the easel flows from my interest in meditation that began as a teenager.

There are countless ways to practice meditation, and I’ve tried more than a few, but the common experience seems to be a simple one – calming the mind enough to sense a connection to something larger than the self.


In many ways, these paintings embody that spirit. It is even woven into the way they are made. The act of painting itself is often deeply meditative – artists often report a sense of absorption in the work so profound that their awareness of themselves is completely lost.


Above all else, I hope that spending a moment or two with these paintings gives the viewer a similar sense of their thoughts slowing down, the world falling away a little, and perhaps a connection to something larger than themselves.

Canvas prints of this painting are available.  To see more, click the blue button below.