"Family No. 4"

This week’s featured painting is “Family No. 4” from 2023.  It is done with oil on panel, and measures 2 x 5  inches.

Most of my paintings are the product of hours of setting up a still life model that I will paint from.

Followed by many, many more hours of carefully observing that model and translating those observations into paint.

Although it’s along and painstaking process, it’s one I am accustomed to, and it produces the kind of painting I want.


A few paintings – like some of these marble paintings – are different.

They are imaginitive paintings.

Not imaginative in the sense something novel and creative – that’s not what these paintings are meant to be.

But imaginative in the sense that everything came from my imagination – there was no model that I was working from.


It’s a different experience of painting, and somehow it creates a different kind of result.

I find it’s healthy and stimulating to do these from time to time, and it helps me look at my other paintings in a slightly different way, too.