"Pomegranate No. 3"

This week’s featured painting is “Pomegranate No. 3” from 2010.  It is done with oil on panel, and measures 4 x 4 inches.

This painting features ripe pomegranate, bearing all the marks and signs of life as pomegranates seem to do exceptionally well.

The a rich maroon backdrop (actually the wall in my living room) seemed an unusual choice as I was composing the painting, but I came to love the red on red color harmony.


The candlestick comes from Cuernavaca in Mexico, a lovely small city about an hour outside Mexico City. There the grime and chaos of one of the worlds’ largest cities gives way to a delightful fresh atmostphere of near constant sun, delightful temperatures, and magnificent views down Valley of Mexico – to snow capped mountains beyond, including the active volcano Popocateptl.

I bought this particular piece during a visit to the silver smith’s shops in town – the craftsmen invited us behind a hanging curtain into the workshop, where we got to see the objects being made with care and diligence.


It’s one of my favorite objects, reflects the light in a brilliant and dramatic way, and always gives me a smile at a beautiful memory.

Canvas prints of this painting are available.  To see more, click the blue button below.