“Teacup, Green Napkin, Striped Cloth”

This featured painting is “Teacup, Green Napkin, Striped Cloth” from 2022.  It is done with oil on panel, and measures 5 x 5 inches.

Most of the paintings I have seen that stay with me – the ones I can see clearly in my mind’s eye – have something mysterious about them.


It’s not just the ones that have subtle tones, deep shadows, and dramatic light effects. Though many of them are indeed like that, even many brightly lit, vivid paintings have this quality.

It isn’t any one thing, and it can’t even really be put into words – at least not by a middling  writer like myself.


Rather there is something about each of these paintings that looks beyond just itself – it transcends the frame and canvas and materials and subject matter – and even the artist and viewer – and speaks about something greater than all that.

Maybe that’s what we really mean when we call something beautiful.

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