First Among Equals

"First Among Equals" Oil on canvas, 20x50 inches, 2013 (Sold)
“First Among Equals”
Oil on canvas, 20×50 inches, 2013 (Sold)

I love to look at well done paintings of groups of people. There’s a real art and finesse in grouping things in a way that feels natural and lively, and not stiff and forced.

It’s quite musical, actually – as the eye moves across the painting, it encounters the objects in something like a musical rhythm.

I worked for a long time arranging these marbles so they had a pleasing and interesting rhythm.

“First Among Equals” (2013) is probably the largest painting I’ve done, at 20×50 inches.

I finish between 1 and 4 paintings every month, and show them to my subscribers first.  

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