Pillars of Light

"Pillars of Light" Oil on canvas, 18x24 inches, 2013 (sold)
“Pillars of Light”
Oil on canvas, 18×24 inches, 2013 (sold)
Sometimes the title comes before the painting. Sometimes the painting comes before the title. Sometimes, they develop together.
This was one of the latter.
I didn’t really begin with an abstract concept of what the painting should be about, but I was very taken by the strong contrast of the brilliantly-lit objects against the deep black background, and the way they seemed to emerge from the void into a world of their own.
As I painted, began thinking of the objects almost as people, and I found myself meditating about how we all have a light to shine in the darkness.
For your enjoyment, this is “Pillars of Light”, oil on canvas, 18×24 inches, 2013

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