Red Cherries, Silver Cup Complete stillness and silent contemplation

The third and final painting in this tour is called “Red Cherries, Silver Cup”, from 2019.

This painting is much smaller and simpler than the previous two, but it has what I consider the real heart and soul of still life painting – it captures a moment of frozen time, and allows the viewer to linger there as long as they want.

Almost everything in the world around us has its own beauty – sometimes it is well hidden, but if you look the right way, it is there.

When I look at something (let’s say this old silver cup) and become aware of its own unique and individual beauty (the way the tarnish subtly shifts color and distorts some of the reflections), I feel a moment of intense connection.

Time comes to a standstill, and I feel completely absorbed in the beauty I just discovered.


That is the starting point for my paintings, and if I can reveal some of that moment to the viewer, then I have succeeded.

I believe this simple painting captures that feeling as well as any other painting I’ve done.