About Me

Ten years ago I took a deep breath and stepped away from a successful career as a computer programmer to paint full time. Since that big move, I’ve made over 1000 paintings, and when possible I paint every single day with a zeal and passion to produce the very finest work for my collectors.

My focus is on the common, everyday objects we have all around us, transforming them into art that celebrates mood, drama, and sometimes simple humor.

I’ve shown pieces in numerous galleries throughout the US, been featured in several international art publications, and placed paintings in about 500 collections worldwide, but my biggest satisfaction remains the look on an art lover’s face when they deeply connect with one of my pieces and truly “get it”.

I spend my days looking around me to find inspiration for new work that will move and delight those who love my paintings. I hope you enjoy them as well – let me know if you did!

Artist's Statement

“Most of my paintings begin with a moment of connection with a common object or scene: fundamentally re-viewing something I’ve seen around me dozens, maybe hundreds of times, and realizing that it has within it the seed of a work of art. These quiet, peaceful, and intimate moments are for me the essence of what it means to be an artist. They also have a direct bearing on the kinds of paintings I make. It’s no accident that nearly all of my paintings are still lifes. I suppose they are really attempts to hold and savor these moments of mental and spiritual stillness.

“My work owes an obvious and conscious debt to the great Dutch still life masters of 350 years ago. With every brushstroke, I strive to meet the example they set; in balanced and graceful composition, clear observation, and precise execution. That said, I live and work very much in the present day. Although the influence is usually subtle, the modern sensibility inevitably expresses itself. I take a real delight in discovering the marriage of these two worlds.

“The procedure I follow also mirrors the working methods of the Dutch masters: A detailed drawing is followed by a monochromatic underpainting, and then numerous glazes and scumbles to build deep colors and rich textures. Each painting – even the small ones – may take many weeks from start to finish. The process itself becomes an extended meditation on patience and craft; an echo of the visual calm I seek to evoke.

Biographical Sketch

“For me, the road to becoming an artist was not a direct one, and it took me a number of years to find this calling. My formal education is actually in music; I am an accomplished violinist and was a Ph. D. candidate in composition at a major university. Upon leaving graduate school, I was able to develop my interest in electronic and computer-generated music into a career as a computer programmer. For a decade I worked in this field, ultimately becoming a senior software engineer at an internet commerce company.

“During this time, I began painting. What started as a past-time quickly developed into a serious hobby, and then a profound and abiding passion. Feeling that nothing worthwhile is achieved by half-measures, in 2006 I decided to set aside my engineering career and made a full-time commitment to painting. Since then I have produced a steady body of work and built a solid, growing base of collectors throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

“Outside of the studio, I am a broadly curious life-long learner, with history, astronomy, and Asian cultures being particular interests; I also travel as much as possible. These varied experiences and pursuits make me a better painter – and they certainly make me a better person. Every day, I’m deeply grateful to have the opportunity to devote myself to the never-ending quest to develop and perfect my craft.

Curriculum Vitae

For those of you who are interested in the details and fine points of my life and career, I’ve assembled this information about my curriculum vitae. Click on any of the headlines below to expand:

  • Studies in figurative and still life painting
    Dennis Cheaney, The New England Realist Art Center, Boston, MA, 2005 to 2006

    Ph.D. program in music theory and composition
    Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, 1990 to 1995

    Bachelor of Music in composition
    The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 1990

  • Fine artist, 2006 to present

    Software developer in the internet and publishing industries, 1995 to 2006

  • Approximately 500 private collections in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia

  • American Art Collector
    “Beyond the Ordinary”
    January 2015, p 90

    American Art Collector
    “Everlasting Objects: Still Life Art Today”
    January 2011, pp 97-99

    American Art Collector
    “Food for Thought: Epicurean Art Today”
    July 2010, pp 81-83

    Art Calendar Magazine
    “The New Internet Sensation: A Painting A Day”
    October 2006, pp 3-8

  • The Copley Society of Art, Boston, MA
    The International Guild of Realism, Scottsdale, AZ

  • Copley Society of Art
    58 Newbury Street
    Boston, MA 02116
    (617) 536-5049

    J. Todd Galleries
    572 Washington Street (Route 16)
    Wellesley, MA 02482
    (781) 237-3434

    Powers Gallery
    144 Great Road (Rt. 2A)
    Acton, Massachusetts 01720
    (978) 263-5105

    Art 3 Gallery
    44 West Brook Street
    Manchester, NH 03101
    (800) 668-9938

    Past Gallery Representation
    M Gallery of Fine Art
    11 Broad Street
    Charleston, SC 29401
    2012 to 2014 (Sale of gallery)

  • The Copley Society of Art
    Inclusion in multiple exhibits
    Boston, MA 2012 – present

    Guild of Boston Artists
    “Annual Regional Painting Competition”
    Boston, MA 2012, 2010

    Howard/Mandville Gallery
    “Small Works Exhibit”
    Seattle, WA 2013

    Finalist, Annual Painting Salon
    Art Renewal Center, 2012-2013

    Paradise City Arts Festival
    Marlborough, MA 2012 – present

    Grosse Point Arts Center
    “Realism and Surrealism”
    Grosse Point, MI, 2012

    Paradise City Arts Festival
    Northampton, MA 2012

    Newton Open Studios
    Newton, MA 2012, 2013, 2014

    Melrose Arts Festival
    Melrose, MA 2013, 2012, 2011, 2007, 2006

    The Carnegie Arts Center
    “The Art of Food”
    Covington, KY, 2012

    Mason Murer Fine Arts
    “Realism Exhibit”
    Atlanta, GA 2011

    SOWA Art Walk
    Boston, MA 2004 to 2008 (annual)

    United South End Artists Open Studios
    Boston, MA 2004 to 2008 (annual)

    SOWA First Friday Exhibits
    Boston, MA 2004 to 2008 (monthly)

    The Hourglass Gallery
    Melrose, MA 2006 to 2008

    Southern Vermont Arts Center
    Manchester, VT 2006 to 2007

    The Three Graces Gallery
    Portsmouth, NH 2006 to 2007

    Got Art?
    Holliston, MA 2006

    Essex Art Center Paint-Out and Auction
    Lawrence, MA 2006 and 2007

    Anton Fine Art Gallery
    Wakefield, MA 2005

    The Bromfield Gallery, 10 x 10 Show
    Boston, MA 2004