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Available Larger Paintings Paintings larger than 25 square inches (150 square cm)

Available 5 x 5 Paintings A long-running series of smaller paintings measuring 5x5 inches (12x12 cm)

Available Miniature Paintings Paintings smaller than 25 square inches (150 square cm)

Purchasing These Paintings

  • These paintings are framed as shown and are ready for immediate hanging.
  • Payment may be made with major credit cards and PayPal.
  • Shipping within the United States is free. An additional charge will be added for shipments outside of the United States.
  • They will ship from my studio within 2 business days of purchase. 
  • They will be carefully packaged for maximum protection during transit, and insured for the full purchase price.   A signature will be required on delivery, so the package will not be left unattended.
  • You will be provided with a tracking number and estimated delivery date (due to the unpredictability of the customs process, an estimated delivery date cannot be provided for shipments outside of the United States).
  • Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. Paintings may be returned for the full purchase price within 14 days of receipt.

About These Paintings


These paintings grow out of two sources: On the one hand, a deep love for the great still life tradition of the Dutch Golden Age, and on the other, a life-long interest in meditation.

For both viewer and artist, still life is the perfect opportunity to have that experience which all meditation seems to aim at: complete and total absorption in the present moment. Not the past. Not the future. Just what is in front of you. Right here. Right now.

That moment of quiet, intense connection – that sense of one-ness – is all the inspiration I need… and these paintings emerge from that source.

As such, this isn’t really a personal art. It’s not about me or my views or my ideas.

My role is to step aside, and let these silent moments speak through me.

And there isn’t anything more personal.